Goole and Selby

The Goole to Selby route depicts the branchline of the same name. Built by the North Eastern Railway company and opened in 1910 the line ran some 17 miles between the two towns. Some artistic license has been given to the route - mainly because it was closed due to Beeching in the 1960s and the route has a modern feel to it.

Significant amounts of additional sidings are included around Goole docks, which dominate one end of the route. Leaving Goole the line runs through farming countryside, with a station at Airmyn and Rawcliffe. It crosses the River Aire and then the old Hull and Barnsley Railway at Drax. The junction is dominated by the massive Drax Power Station, with merry-go-round trains working (prototypically) off the Hull and Barnsley Railway, and (fictionally) from Goole Docks.

After Drax, the next station on the line is Barlow where an RAOC depot was located. The branchline joins the (pre-diversion) East Coast Mainline three miles south of Selby, and trains run along into Selby on the ECML. Selby is modelled pre-diversion with significant enginesheds and stabling yards remaining.

I haven't used DEM for the route - although if you know the area, you'll appreciate this wouldn't really bring much benefit. If anyone has any pictures or information which would aid construct, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Ferro-concrete water tower from Goole Docks